/Scottish judges rule UK parliament suspension ‘unlawful’

Scottish judges rule UK parliament suspension ‘unlawful’

Scottish National Party MP Joanna Cherry, who has led the charge against Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament | Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images

Anti-Brexit parliamentarians hail the ruling as ‘historic.’

LONDON — Three judges at Scotland’s highest civil court have ruled that the British prime minister’s decision to suspend parliament for several weeks was “unlawful.”

Around 70 parliamentarians had appealed against a ruling by a judge at Scotland’s Court of Session that Boris Johnson’s prorogation of parliament between September 9 and October 14 was within the law.

Lord Doherty said at the time that the question of suspension is a political issue and not one to be decided by the courts, while noting that the government has not broken any laws.

Scottish National Party MP Joanna Cherry, who spearheaded the case, said on Twitter that today’s ruling was “historic.” MPs will not be recalled though until the Supreme Court in London has made a final ruling on the issue.

A separate case arguing the prorogation is unlawful, led by pro-EU campaigner Gina Miller and backed by senior political figures including former Tory Prime Minister John Major, was thrown out by judges the High Court of England and Wales in London. An appeal against that judgement will be held later today.

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